Household mixers and special equipment from Finland
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About us

The Finnish Variosan OY company was founded in 2004, the head office is located in Helsinki.

We get started as an international logistics company providing the customer with a full range of door-to-door cargo delivery services.

Our interests expanded over time. Variosan OY supplied sanitary equipment and mixers from leading European manufacturers to various markets.

A new period of the company's progress began when experienced design masters came to the company. Variosan OY began to offer the development of exclusive models of the mixers according to individual customer requirements.

Lately the company aimed to create perfect, comfortable and safe mixers of its own brand. And today Variosan brand comprises the variety of the mixers of premium level.

Our products are a great example of Finnish industrial traditions. Finns have always tried to provide comport and to minimize human influence on the environment.

That’s why Variosan OY widely implements innovative water saving technologies and uses only eco-friendly, safe for human health materials to produce reliable and state-ofthe-art mixers.

We’ve responsible attitude to the business and our products insure that the words «from Finland» are a guarantee of the highest quality standards.

There is the concept of «SISU» in Finland. It’s hard to interpret this word into other languages. But it actually expresses the spirit of the nation and is close to any Finn. Each resident of Suomi has inner strength, perseverance in achieving the goal, and at the same time - the desire to live in harmony with himself and environment. Every Finn, every Finnish company has its own «SISU».

Variosan «SISU» is expressed in the slogan of our company -
With Water in Harmony.

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